Quilliam Building Services – Ballarat Builder

Quintessential (noun) – the most important part of something; representing the most perfect or typical example of quality or class.

“The most important component of the quality renovation, restoration or reproduction of a new custom, period or historic home is the quintessential detail that is required from concept to completion. Classic, timeless homes demand respect and specialist trade skills and they are the homes we most like to build in the Ballarat region!”

Steve Quilliam, Director, Quilliam Building & CLASSIQ Cabinetry.

“Whether your home is Victorian or Edwardian, Californian Bungalow or Federation, Art Deco or Modern Contemporary in the Ballarat region; Quilliam Building is a highly recommended Ballarat builder. We provide professional building and construction management to deliver the quality outcomes that ensure property value, lifestyle and history is enhanced.”

Renovation, restoration and reproduction

Quilliam Building and CLASSIQ Cabinetry are specialists in the character, quality and unique detail of classic, period and historic homes. Whether you plan to compliment, enhance or completely reproduce a period home to modern standards, Quilliam Building are a highly recommended Ballarat builder that provide the experience, knowledge and trade skills that will add true value to your investment. We have worked effectively with local Council, designers and architects to enhance and build stunning homes throughout the Ballarat Region for many years. Professional and experienced planning and consultation in the early stages of building is critical to time, cost and final result.

“The difference is our quintessential detail!”

Custom Lifestyle Homes

Custom lifestyle homes should be as unique as you are, not just a slight façade variation to every other house in the street or estate. At Quilliam Building our approach to custom homes and construction is to firstly ensure that we thoroughly understand the unique results that you are seeking to achieve.

With this clear understanding in mind, the direct involvement and input of our trades (who genuinely care about your finished result), at an early stage, enhances and encourages innovative opportunities in design and construction.

As your family grows, so can your home through renovation or house extension, without the unnecessary disruption of moving, throughout the Ballarat region.