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Period homes offer an element of nostalgia and an opportunity to add value to real estate in many different ways. However, there are special considerations if you’re planning on restoring or renovating a piece of history.

Restoring a period home is different to renovating an ordinary house or apartment. But if you enjoy the challenge as much as the end result, it’s probably for you.

Period homes can be costly to renovate because you’re confined by style or heritage regulations. Although some traditional materials may be expensive to source and install, they may last longer than cheap and modern substitutes.

Use a specialist

Appointing an architect or designer and builder who has experience in heritage projects is highly recommended. Period homes have different demands and may involve rare or unusual skills and techniques.

Check their track record, portfolio and licensing, as you would any specialist provider. It’s worth investing in the right person to save the costs of redoing inappropriate work or penalties associated with undertaking work that might be somehow restricted due to heritage conditions.