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  1. Start with the end in mind – This is the only way to achieve a quality result, particularly with classic, period and historic homes. Quilliam Building aims to enhance your property value and improve your lifestyle, the earlier you engage our expertise in your planning, the better the final result!
  2. Select a recommended builder for your investment – Quilliam Building has over 30 years specialist knowledge and experience in all types of modern, period and heritage construction throughout the Ballarat region. Our Classiq Trades Company collectively provides over a century of dedicated trade skill and expertise to your project.
  3. Know exactly what you are paying for UP FRONT! – Our mutual agreement for completion of works is formalised with detailed documentation.
  4. Seek a product / service guarantee – Quilliam Building guarantee professional building management that will enhance your property value and lifestyle.
  5. Have someone else handle the stress – A building service is a contractual agreement over a period of time. We focus on professional quality and value for the life of the project, rather than only on construction cost. We professionally organise and coordinate trades and foster harmonious working relationships for the full term of the project