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“Preservation is simply having the good sense to hold on to things that are well designed, that link us with our past in a meaningful way, and that have plenty of good use left in them”…Richard More, National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Within modern day society one could easily be forgiven for thinking that houses are just another commodity, to be discarded or knocked over to accommodate the latest trend, development or affluent desire. Heritage overlays protect some properties and provide stringent building regulations to guide thoughtful development. However, should we be more thoughtful about homes from recent eras and also the new homes we build, that will one day be a link to our past?

There were many structurally solid homes built in the 50s, 60s, 70s and particularly the affluent 80s that have much to offer the thoughtful investor seeking a place to call “home”. Many homes from these periods were designed and built to last, with solid foundations, quality products and proud craftsmanship. These homes, will in the future, provide a valuable link to our past; and with thoughtful design can easily be enhanced to accommodate current lifestyle needs. Many of these homes still have plenty of good use in them and deserve to be respected.

On the other hand, the mass production of modern day houses should be concerning. Very few are unique, most are built to standard plans with slightly different façade, completed from start to finish within weeks. For many they serve a need and a purpose, but will they stand the test of time?

If considering a third or fourth house, one that you can truly call ‘home” for an extended period of time, it is well worth considering one that preserves and enhances the chosen land or existing home. Seek a recommended architect/designer and builder who can highlight good design, quality and craftsmanship and your investment will be enhanced in more ways than one.

Quilliam Building is now proudly celebrating over a decade as the name of a highly recommended Ballarat builder for the renovation, restoration and reproduction of period and custom lifestyle homes throughout the wider Ballarat region. Our commitment to preserve, enhance and construct period and custom lifestyle homes that stand the test of time, not just the latest trends, is our on-going inspiration and obligation to future building preservation.