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The kitchen is now the heart of the home, but it wasn’t always that way. Considering how important the kitchen is for today’s homeowners, it’s amazing to think that not long ago, kitchens were one of the least desirable rooms in the home.

The kitchen was once a utilitarian space, existing for food preparation and little else. Kitchens in medium to large size homes were big enough to cook a meal and hold a table large enough to seat a few people for breakfast or a small snack. The important meals would be served in the formal dining room on a table big enough to seat the entire family at once.

Kitchens showcase the evolution of technology and lifestyle, perhaps more so than any other room in the home. Constant innovation of appliances and styling has transitioned the kitchen from fundamental workspace to the functional, stylish and airy rooms that are popular today. The combination of the dining room with the kitchen created an open plan entertaining area and solidified the kitchen as the heart of the home.

The kitchen has slowly transformed into the main living room, a living and breathing space, dedicated to much more than just cooking. Filled with energy and life, the kitchen has become a conversation facilitator, an office on the go, a homework study space and a space to hang out and catch up with your loved ones; and this style of kitchen is influencing the way that families are living. Regardless of busy schedules, the kitchen works well as a central hub, that helps families cross paths throughout their day. Open plan living spaces promote communication and quality time together.

The size of the kitchen can also influence its status as the heart of your home. A good size kitchen can increase the value of your home and is often viewed as the most important room when it comes to selling. Investing in a well-designed new kitchen can increase your property’s resale value significantly, whilst a kitchen renovation that streamlines the area and gives it a more contemporary or timeless design will increase appeal to home buyers.

Quilliam Building and our Classiq Cabinetry team have been proudly building and renovating beautiful bespoke kitchens, turning them into the heart of homes for many years. Quilliam Building is now proudly celebrating over a decade as the name of a highly recommended Ballarat builder for the renovation, restoration and reproduction of period and custom lifestyle homes throughout the wider Ballarat region. We value timeless, quality kitchen design that is custom made for bringing families together.

Although trends come and go, one thing is certain – the kitchen will continue to be an irreplaceable space in our homes where family life takes place; and a bespoke kitchen, created just for you – is one you will love every minute you spend in it!